Sport at Lipno

Ideal countryside, beautiful surroundings and the many tourist attractions in the area ensure a wide range of sports activities and opportunities to relax. Below is a summary of the most important information about summer in the Lipno District, and a little taster of winter sports activities in the area.

Lots of cycling opportunities

Cyclists can choose from a wide range of choices in the Lipno district. As well as unmarked trails, there are 5 marked cycle routes, which are very popular and connect with routes in Austria and Germany at the Austrian border.

The routes vary in terms of difficulty, from easy routes on flat terrain, used mostly by families with children and cycle tourists, up to long paths over hilly ground. The routes are popular with casual and serious cyclists, and the 5 trails pass through beautiful countryside, varying in length from 38 kilometres to 108 kilometres. All offer you great experiences on two wheels.

  • Cycle routes in the Šumava region:

The trails follow Lake Lipno, either along one shore or both, as well as through nearby forests and hills (e.g. along the Schwarzenberk Canal (Schwarzenberský kánal)). They attract nature lovers, cycle tourists and sports enthusiasts, but whatever your level of ability, you will enjoy the unspoiled countryside of the foothills of South Bohemia, and the fresh air.

In-line skating

In-line skating is becoming ever more popular and is a pursuit for the whole family. Several in-line skating paths pass close to our guest house.

One of the in-line paths leads from Lake Lipno, at Lipno nad Vltavou, to Frymburk, with a diversion to Vřesná. The 15-kilometre route follows the left bank of the reservoir and has best-quality surfacing. The path is ideal for cyclists and hikers as well as in-line skaters.

With numerous bends, many short slopes, and safe inclines, the path has something for everyone, from experienced in-line skaters to families with children. At least half of the path is artificially lit, making it ideal for more serious in-liners using it in the evening, when it is much less busy.

Another interesting in-line path leads from Stožec to Nová pec; the total length is a good 16 kilometres (32 kilometres there and back). The entire path is surfaced with the highest-quality asphalt. It leads through the forests of the Šumava National Park, which provide a pleasant shade along the way. In addition, the path is quiet, level and almost completely free of vehicles, and cycle tourists will find it ideal too. Among skaters, it is best for older children and adults.

Water sports

It goes without saying that Lake Lipno is perfect for water sports enthusiasts, including windsurfers, kiteboarders and yachting enthusiasts. It is also ideal for aquaskipping and catamaraning among others. Swimming is possible in the lake, and waterparks by the shores of the lake offer indoor swimming.

Family holidays in the Šumava Region

Peace and quiet
We have created a peaceful environment, set in beautiful countryside, with lots of space and opportunities for children and parents to relax, such as an infrared sauna and a terrace with views of Lake Lipno.

Playground and sand pit
Playground at pension U lípyFamilies with children will welcome our children’s corner, which is fenced off in the grounds of the guest house. The playground is safe and, thanks to its situation, allows parents to easily keep an eye on their children. It contains among other things swings and a trampoline, offering lots of fun. Older children and adults can make use of an outdoor volleyball court and football pitch.

Home cooking
We serve traditional Czech cuisine made from quality ingredients! We pay attention to children’s needs and accommodate parents. A varied selection of meals is always available, and should you wish, we can prepare snacks for you to take with you on trips.

Hotel Frymburk

At the Wellness & Spa Hotel Frymburk, approximately 14 kilometres from our guest house, you can relax and enjoy a massage and many other facilities, including a waterpark. The complex offers facilities of a high standard in the Czech Republic.

If you would like to visit the Wellness Hotel Frymburk, we can provide further details or make a reservation. Our guests can take advantage of special discounts at the hotel:

  • Entry to waterpark 10:00-20:00: 20% discount
  • Entry to salt cave 10:00-22:00: 15% discount
  • Entry to sauna 16:00–22:00: 20% discount

Hiking in South Bohemia

You will find beautiful countryside with mountains, forests and lakes in the Šumava Nature Reserve (CHKO Šumava), Blanský les Nature Reserve (CHKO Blanský les) and Boletice Military Training Area (Boletice Vojenský újezd). All offer lots of hiking possibilities:

  • More information about nature reserves, mountains (Plechý 1378 metres), route suggestions, lookout towers (Moldaublick, Vítkův hrádek) on

Near Penzion U lípy

The 4.8-kilometre Stifter Trail (Stifterova stezka) starts near the guest house and follows slightly undulating although undemanding terrain, on the way to Horní Planá. Or you could visit the highest fishpond in Bohemia, known as Olšina, located 7 kilometres north of Penzion U lípy. The afforested peaks of Žlábek (820 metres) and Nad Žlábkem (821 metres) above the guest house are suitable for short walks.

Nordic walking

An increasingly popular activity, Nordic walking helps you keep in shape and slim and is a more efficient way of exercising the whole body. It involves using the upper limbs while walking with sticks, a method which can be up to 45% more effective than ordinary walking. The paths in the area around the guest house are ideal for Nordic walking. You can find information about one of the paths on

Český Krumlov

We are located just 26 kilometres away from Český Krumlov, a wonderful historic town abounding in medieval monuments and important cultural events, and surrounded by scenic beauty. The journey takes minutes by car, or a great day-long trip by bicycle.

Thanks to its location, on a meander of the life-giving River Vltava, you can literally feel the history of the town. Genius loci remains strong in contemporary Český Krumlov, where ancient and modern traditions blend harmoniously.

Today, Český Krumlov is an unforgettable visitor experience, and is a centre for many cultural events and sports activities. You will find riding schools, baths and swimming pools in the town and surrounding area. And you can play football, tennis, volleyball, golf and more… Sail along the ever popular River Vltava in a hired canoe and or boat; day excursions on boats are also possible. Cultural activities include the museum, theatre, cinema and galleries.

When you visit Český Krumlov you will definitely want to go back!

Austria and Germany

Thanks to the proximity to the borders with Austria and Germany, the tourist attractions and sports activities of these countries are within easy reach; you can get to the border by car or bicycle. Thanks to open borders, paths, cycle routes, and cross country ski trails continue uninterrupted over the borders, so you can enjoy the unique Šumava mountains, in Austria and Germany as well as in the Czech Republic.

Penzion U lípy is an ideal base for hikes or trips by bicycle, not only in the Lipno district and Šumava mountains but also to Austria and Germany!

Enjoying your hobbies in peace

Mushroom picking

The Šumava forest is a mushroom-picker’s paradise. Under ideal conditions, especially at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, forests abound in beautiful mushrooms, which also taste good and are healthy. You can look for fungi in the forests around us and beyond the marked trails, but please respect the countryside and help it keep the unspoilt character that we love. Book your holiday in advance. We look forward to seeing you!


Fishing at Lipno is among the very best that the Bohemian Basin has to offer. Not only is there a wide variety of fish, thanks to the size of the lake, you can try several methods, both from the shores and from boats. Catching huge predatory and carp-like fish has become an experience that fishermen remember for the rest of their lives, and it will make you want to go back to Lake Lipno time and time again!

We are your base for fishing trips! It is no problem if other family members do not share your passion for fishing because when you stay with us there are plenty of other things for them to do. Everyone will find something to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you!

Winter at Penzion U lípy

Lake Lipno and the surrounding mountains are also an area for winter sports. The pistes at Kramolín, or Hochficht on the Austrian side of the Šumava Mountains, are close by and offer quality skiing for all ability levels. Every year near Lipno, trails are set up for cross country skiers; the longest ice skating trail in the world is created on the lake itself.

We publish information about accommodation in the winter season in advance. And you will find that Penzion U lípy is just as comfortable and cosy in the winter as it is in the summer.

Skifahrer auf Hochficht

In winter, our guests have access to the Lipno-Kramolín and Hochficht ski resorts, on the Czech and Austrian sides of the mountains, respectively. Both suit experienced as well as novice skiers. And well as skiing, skating – or cycling – on ice are becoming ever more popular, on the frozen lake. Guests can visit the waterpark, which offers lots of fun for the whole family, in summer as well as winter. More information about skying.