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We are situated very close to Lake Lipno, around 150 metres from the shore. Beyond the lake, towards the Austrian border, rise the peaks of the Šumava Mountains, such as Hochficht (known in Czech as “Smrčina”), Schulzberg and Bärenstein. On the other side, we are surrounded by the Šumava Nature Reserve (CHKO Šumava) and the Boletice Military Training Area (Vojenský újezd Boletice).

We are located in the small municipality of Hůrka, which forms part of Horní Planá, the largest settlement by Lake Lipno. A main road leads through Horní Planá, near our guest house, en route from Český Krumlov to Volary and Vimperk.

Městys Frymburk

In a southerly direction is another, larger municipality, Černá v Pošumaví, connected by road to the small community of Frymburk and then to Lipno nad Vltavou and the harbour at Lake Lipno.

From Germany, the easiest way to reach us by car is via the border crossing at Strážný/Philippsreuth; from Austria via the crossing at Studánky/Weigetschlag.


Housed in a sensitively renovated 18th-century building, we offer accommodation in double or triple rooms. All rooms are en suite, and have satellite television, and guests have free Wi-Fi access throughout the building. The guest house also has restaurant with bar and hearth, and an infrared sauna.

Guests also have access to a fenced off area with a car park, children’s corner, garage for motorcycles, football pitch and volleyball court, and an open fireplace, which is fully equipped for barbecues.

The guest house is very close to Lake Lipno, of which there are beautiful and romantic views from our terrace.

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Winter at Penzion U lípy

It is beautiful at Penzion U lípy and the surrounding area in spring or summer, but equally attractive in winter too. The warmth from the fireplace in our restaurant is a pleasant refuge after ice skating all day long on Lake Lipno, or downhill or cross country skiing.

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Skiers set off on the Czech or German side of the Šumava Mountains, and enjoy downhill or cross country skiing trails. We always provide current information about the winter season in autumn, before the start of the winter season.



History of the region

Since the Stone Age, the River Vltava has been a natural means of transport. Settlement naturally developed in the Middle Ages, and trading routes crisscrossed and the Šumava region and South Bohemia. As a result, the castles at Rožmberk, Česky Krumlov, Třeboň and Nové hrady) were built to guard them, as were fortifications. The development of the region in the Middle Ages is due particularly to King Přemysl Otakar II, who wanted to bring together his territory in Bohemia and Austria through colonisation of South Bohemia.

Český Krumlov is first mentioned in 1253, and the region experienced its biggest development under the Rožmberk family between the 15th and 17th centuries. In 1719 Krumlov fell into the hands of the Schwarzenberks, and in the 17th and 18th centuries the Šumava region saw greater influxes of settlers including in higher, more inhospitable locations thanks to timber extraction and glass manufacture.

After the Second World War most of the Šumava region found itself in the border zone, where access was strictly forbidden or severely restricted. After 1989, restrictions were lifted, and the natural riches of the area were gradually opened up and tourism developed there.

Ferry v Horní Plané

Lake Lipno was created between 1952 and 1959; upon completion it become the largest expanse of water in the Czech Republic, measuring 48.7 square kilometres. Several ferries cross the lake, and boat tours have been operating on it since June 2012.


  • A family-run guest house with cosy rooms and a traditionally-furnished restaurant serving traditional Czech cuisine.
  • Free parking, including electronically guarded garage for bicycles and motorcycles.
  • A peaceful setting in the heart of the Šumava region, close to Lake Lipno.
  • Guests can choose how long they want to stay.
  • Suitable for both active and family holidays.

Offer Penzion U lípy

Penzion U lípy is advantageously located close to Lake Lipno, just 150 metres from the shore. Our guest house is also in a quiet spot, in proximity to the Šumava forest. We are very much part of South Bohemian cultural and sports activities. The guest house is an ideal base for hiking and sightseeing.

Current offers and News

Winter is here!

We look forward to seeing you in the winter season, which is just beginning. We accept orders accommodation in January 2013.


Can you provide additional services?

We are always happy to offer our guests additional services, upon agreement. Whether you want to discuss changing the length of your stay, accommodating your pets or having additional meals, we are ready to meet your needs.

I would like to know more about the guest house.

If you would like more information, you can take a look at the other photographs (including photographs of winter at Lake Lipno) and television reports. Take a look at our About Penzion U lípy page.

We are happy to answer any queries you may have; just write to us or give us a call.